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Travel Companions are travel essentials; our product translates your medical history should you have a medical issue abroad.

About the Author:
George P. Ciporkin, D.D.S., M.D. the author of this life saving series, brings years of training and clinical experience in both medicine and dentistry into the series’ design. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University, a D.D.S. degree from Northwestern University, and an M.D. degree from The Medical College of Ohio. He has traveled and lived abroad, and has formally studied several foreign languages. 

Why Hard Copy and Not Digital?
We currently offer the Travel Companion only in a hard copy format.

Although we are a digital society, an app format has intrinsic potential problems, including but not limited to the incapacity of the traveler to charge his cell phone possibly due to not having a current transformer, an inability to gain access to the cell phone password if the traveler is incapacitated, and an inability to acquire an adequate signal level due to the remoteness of the place of travel.

The hard copy version of the Travel Companion would eliminate all of these issues.​ 

Easy to Use
The Travel Companion is easy to use. You simply check off the applicable medical and dental information, which is provided in English or in Spanish, and in a corresponding foreign language(s). The following is a sample response taken from the Spanish/English booklet:​

  • Tiene o ha tenido diabetes?          Si (x) No ( ) No estoy seguro(a) ( )
  • Do you have diabetes?                Yes (x) No ( ) Not sure ( )

​The Travel Companion is roughly the size of a US Passport, is easy to carry, and has a place to affix a passport sized photo of the individual traveler, as well as the name and address of the traveler. This serves as further identification to make sure that the correct Travel Companion of the specific traveler is presented to healthcare personnel to eliminate any ambiguity as to the identity of that particular traveler.  

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